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La Festa dei Ceri





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-Public Notice-   

November 12, 2008 

The Saint Ubaldo Society (the “Society”) hereby acknowledges publicly that the following organizations and their membership are duly recognized by and affiliated with the Society and are solely and specifically authorized to carry out, conduct and/or participate in any and all official celebrations and activities in regard to the annual Saint Ubaldo Day celebration in the Borough of Jessup, Pennsylvania:

The purpose of this notice is to make the public aware that any functions, fundraisers and other events organized and/or sponsored by only the above groups are recognized as official and/or financially supportive of the Saint Ubaldo Society and proceeds from the aforementioned events will be used for St. Ubaldo Day in Jessup, Pennsylvania or related purposes.




Saint Ubaldo Society 

A  Pennsylvania Non Profit Corporation, Est. 1982

310 Third Ave Box D

Jessup, PA 18434

 The Family of Saint Ubaldo     

 A Pennsylvania Non Profit Corporation, Est. 2006

310 Third Ave. Box A

Jessup , PA 18434

The Family of Saint George  

A  Pennsylvania Non Profit Corporation, Est. 2008              

310 Third Ave. Box B

Jessup. PA 18434


The Family Of Saint Anthony

A Pennsylvania Non Profit Corporation, Est. 2008

310 3rd. Ave. Box C

Jessup, PA 18434



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